Sales Training Made Better!

SalesDawg uses gamification to better train sales people on
product, sales skills, better customer interaction which helps to
create a better buying experience for customers.

SalesDawg App

SalesDawg app better prepares sales staff to engage with customers. The way people buy cars has changed. It’s time for dealerships to change with them.


Transform the car buying experience for your customers by giving your sales team the tools, training and incentives they need to lead the pack.


The Dealer10X SalesDawg platform gives you unprecedented insight into the sales process, helping you to optimize sales techniques, provide near-real time coaching and training and rate and rank employee and dealer performance.


Learn more about how SalesDawg can help your dealership attract and retain top talent, standardize sales processes and improve close rates.

Tools for Managers

Dealers are busy and we understand the value of the manager’s time.

Manager’s Dashboard

SalesDawg Manager’s Dash allows managers to see how their staff is doing compared to their peers and other sales people across the Dealer10X network.

Weekly Status Emails

Dealers are busy and we understand the value of the managers time. We provide an email that gives managers the information they need to quickly see how their team is doing

About Us

The vision began years ago in a dealership. We saw that technology was making huge leaps in helping the consumer prepare for the dealership. Unfortunately, technology for dealerships has not been keeping pace with this change.

We put on-demand training in the hands of the sales people.  Our app uses gamification, competition and repetition to better educate the car salesperson on inventory, sales skills, the market and how to better interact and communicate with consumers.

For dealership managers, we offer a unique way to see how their staff is performing. With the SalesDawg Manager Portal, they can see how the sales team compares to their piers,  others in their region and across the country.  It allows managers to see where their sales people are doing well, where they need improvement and then help them do better.

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